Vikki & Phil // 14th September 2018

Our real life #GlamourBride features the beautiful Vikki. As the Spring approaches, we look forward to summer and longer days,and what better way to do that than with a summer 2018 wedding. Vikki shares with us all the exciting details of her big day and one of our most memorable experiences with a bride – the breathtaking moment she found her dress! The reasons for choosing her stunning Lancashire wedding venue, and top tips for other excited brides-to-be.

Q1. When was your big day and what is your husband’s name?

Vikki – My husband’s name is Phil, and we got married on Friday 14 September 2018.

Q2. Which venue did you choose and why?

Vikki – We chose the beautiful Beeston Manor after attending the open day in January 2018. We instantly fell in love with the venue, and I knew nothing else would live up to what I wanted, everything was just perfect.

Vikki – When we met Amy the wedding planner we just instantly felt at ease with her and knew that we were in safe hands. Nothing was too much for Beeston Manor from the open day in January until we left the day after the wedding.

Q3 – How long had you been planning your wedding?

Vikki – Not long at all – it was less than a year. We had always said that when we got engaged we would marry within a year, and we did. Phil proposed to me at a James Arthur Concert on Friday 17 November 2017.

Q4 – You chose Glamour Bridal to supply your wedding dress. Would you recommend us to other brides and why?

Vikki – Yes 100% – from the moment me and my mum walked in the door on Thursday 22 February 2018, Debbie greeted us with the BIGGEST smile, and that smile lasted throughout the whole experience.

Debbie and Julie, thank you so much for stocking the most amazing wedding dress. I really didn’t think I would find ‘The One’ but I did, and it was a breathtaking moment I will never forget. The service by you two ladies was fantastic. I am gutted the whole experience is over as I enjoyed it that much.

Q5 – You wore the ‘Arianna‘ wedding dress from Allure Bridals on your big day. What made it ‘The One’ and was it the style of dress you thought you would choose, or was it totally different?

Vikki – I had been to a previous bridal shop and I had tried on some really nice dresses, but none of them were that special, I just felt nice in them. I actually thought does ‘The One’ exist????

I went to Glamour Bridal after seeing that they had a sale, and a friend of a friend had recommend them to me. The night before I went to Glamour Bridal I was looking through dresses on their website and there was a picture that caught my eye. It was only showing the back of the dress, but I really liked it and I was intrigued to see what the rest if the dress looked like. Apart from wanting to see what the dress looked like on the website, I didn’t really have a vision in my head of what I wanted, so I was pretty open to trying on all styles of dresses.

Vikki – As soon as we arrived I spoke Debbie and I explained to her that I didn’t think “The One” existed, but I had seen a dress I liked on their website and asked did they have it in stock. Debbie got ‘the dress’ out and also suggested I look at some other dresses to try too, which I did. In my head I was thinking that style of dress is not going to suit me, I am only 5 ft 1 inch and I had only ever seen tall brides in fishtail dresses but I thought I am going to try it anyway just to rule it out.

Vikki – I am so glad I tried ‘the dress’ on because it turned out to be ‘The One’. It was the first dress I tried on that night and I couldn’t actually breathe (my mum caught this on video), it was just perfect (minus the length ha ha but then that’s always the case for me). I just instantly fell in love and still love everything about the dress. I tried on a few more dresses after but my heart had been taken by ‘Arianna’.

Q6 – What was your colour scheme?

Vikki – Navy Blue – it’s such a classic and timeless colour.

Q7 – How many bridesmaids did you have?

Vikki – I had 4 beautiful bridesmaids. Phil’s sister Johanne, my oldest and bestest friend from school Stacy (who caught the bouquet) and my other two best friends Suzy and Allie. Allie flew all the way in from Sydney, how lucky am I?

Q8 – What is your favourite image from the day and why?

Vikki – This is really hard I as have so many favourite photos with different people on who mean so much to me, so I narrowed it down to my favourite photo of me and Phil.

Unfortunately, it had rained all day, so all of our photos had been taken inside which I love but I was gutted we never got any outside as the views at Beeston Manor and absolutely amazing.

We were very lucky at 6pm, after we had all eaten and the speeches had been done, there was a break in the rain and we managed to get outside for an hour before our evening guests arrived.

After I had thrown the bouquet and we had done the big group photo, Ant the photographer told us to just have a few minutes chatting and reflect back on the day so far.

So this is us reflecting on our day, as the sun was starting to set in the beautiful grounds, it was a very special moment in the day.

Q9 – If you could have your day all over again, would you do anything differently?

Vikki – I wish I could have the day over again and I wouldn’t change a thing, the whole day was just perfect.

Q10 – Your No 1 top tip for other brides to be?

Vikki – I thought long and hard about this as there are so many tips as a bride you can offer. I couldn’t choose between these two, so here they both are:

1. To just enjoy the day, I didn’t stop smiling and laughing from getting up at 6.30am, until I went to bed at 3.30am the next morning.

2. If it’s at all possible in your budget get a videographer for the day. We priced it up and it was costly, but we took a chance on young videographer who had done a handful of weddings and he was a lot cheaper than other quotes we had been given. I would say apart from my dress, it was the best purchase for the wedding. Joe captured the day amazingly and we can relive the day whenever we like.


A multitude of wedding professionals helped Vikki, both on the journey to the altar and the big day itself. The team involved in the wedding of Vikki and Phil were:

Venue : Beeston Manor
Photographer : Life Photography St Helens
Dress : Glamour Bridal – Luxury Boutique Experience
Make-up : Lisa Rose Make-Up Academy
Hair : James Anders Hair & Beauty
Florist : Rosehip Florist Bolton
Videographer – Joe Schofield Films
Entertainment : Jesus Martin Saxophonist & DJ Martin Quirk