The Experience

At Glamour Bridal, we are with you for the marathon and not just the sprint!

We know that #itsmorethanjustthedress.

Our luxury experience means that we are here to nurture and look after our brides from the moment they call us to book an appointment to the day before the wedding when they come to collect their dress. All the important stuff that happens in between are often things that you wouldn’t think of, but our years of experience mean that we can guide you through the journey making it stress free and enjoyable.

“I hope the business continues to thrive – it should do with the service you all provide there! I didn’t come across one bridal shop that came close to competing with you on service! Love and gratitude always
Sarah x “

1. When should I start looking for my dress?

It’s never too early to find your dream dress ladies! In our experience, there are two brides – a bride who wants to start looking for her dress the moment she gets engaged, or the one who wants to leave it until about a year before her big day. We also know lots of brides who only have a few months to find their dress too. Whichever bride you are, there’s no right or wrong way, it’s purely down to whatever you are most comfortable with.

If you’re an organised bride : You’ve already got tonnes of ideas in your mind and you want to start looking straight away. It’s two years until your wedding, but you just know the dress you want and want to get that all important box ticked off your list.

If you want to wait a little while : Ideally, you should at least start looking at least a year before the big day or a minimum 9 months if you want to have a dress specially made for you.

If you’re more relaxed or your big day is just a few months off : Many brides like to shop this way these days, so if you’re looking for a dress available to buy off the rail, don’t worry – we’ve got LOTS of dresses available for you. The only thing to bare in mind, is that realistically we need at least 4-6 weeks to make sure we can help you with any alterations that may be needed to make the dress a perfect fit.

“I found my dress 2 years before my wedding – I just knew it was for me! No matter how many other dresses I saw, I knew my dress was the one I would always love” Karen, May 2018

Hi ladies

Just want to drop you a note to say thank you for my lovely dress and all the the help! It was the most perfect day. You are both incredible in your line of work and I hope all the others brides enjoy their journey with you like I have. It was great to see my husband cry when I walked down the aisle!

Nikki and Lin ( mum!)


Desiree, Summer 2018

2. The Appointment

It’s all about YOU! We will be ready and waiting for you, with your own fitting room, bridal stylist and our aim is to make you and your guests feel as comfortable as possible. Please try not to bring too many people with you if you can. We know it’s a special moment but do try to limit it to a maximum of 4 people. Those you consider are essential just in case you decide to say ‘Yes To The Dress’, because you never know when you are going to fall in love right?

Once you arrive, we’ll explain everything you need to know about our dresses and ideally within 10 minutes you’ll be in your first dress – after all, that’s what its all about and we want you to enjoy trying on every single dress in your 1.5 hour appointment with us.

If you can, try and wear a strapless bra and a pair of shoes that are similar to the height you’ll likely wear on the wedding day. For ladies who love false tan, if you can keep it to a minimum it really helps us keep our dresses fresh and appealing for all our brides.

Once you’re in dresses, we will let you guide us as to what you love about a dress and what you don’t. We can then use our wealth of experience to help you find ‘The One’

3. You said YES

Finding the dress of your dreams is such a special moment, and so we love to celebrate this with you by offering our brides and their guests a glass of celebratory fizz.

If it’s more than a year away until your big day, we offer all our brides a re-measure service, meaning if you want to lose weight, tone up, put weight on or have a boob job – we can measure you around 9 months before your big day. So don’t worry, we wont order your dress until the time is right.

We will ask you for a 50% payment on account to confirm your order with the designer. Depending on the length of time until your wedding, we can also offer a split deposit arrangement of 25% with order and a further 25% the month later.

Following your appointment we will write to you with a reminder of everything you can expect from us as part of the journey to the big day – don’t worry, you’re in safe hands.

4. Buying Off The Rail

We now have a HUGE choice of wedding dresses available to buy off the rail, but we don’t want you to get us confused with an outlet. We look after our #GlamourBrides in a completely different way, which means for us, we don’t just sell you the dress and hand you a printed list of people who carry out alterations. For us, we want each and every single #GlamourBride to receive the very same service. Regardless if they opt for a made to order dress OR buy a dress from our inventory straight off the rail. The most common questions, we’ve answered for you here:

1. I’m a little unsure, it’s a big decision? – No problem, we offer a £50 holding fee* for 7 days on all our inventory dresses, meaning we take the dress off the rail for 7 days whilst you either go and look elsewhere to make sure you’ve made the right decision, or just need to sleep on it. (*Terms & Conditions Apply)

2. Do I have to pay for it in full today? – If you are able to, most certainly, but if not, we can arrange a flexible payment plan over 2 or 3 months to help you spread the cost.

3. Do I have to take it home with me? – Not at all. If you are worried that you’ll want to try it on after a few gin’s on a Friday night, or perhaps if you’ve nowhere to store it, we can offer safe and secure storage until closer to your wedding for a small fee.

4. Can I still have my alterations with you? – Of course you can! We GUARANTEE all our #GlamourBrides access to our Bridal Alteration Specialist partners to ensure that your dress fits like a dream. We strongly advise that brides are wary of anywhere that purely gives you a list with no involvement once they have sold you the dress. We will always be honest with a bride thru our extensive experience with dresses, so if we think what you would like to do to a dress can’t be done, we will tell you. We look after our #GlamourBrides from start to finish, so promising you something we can’t deliver is not our policy.

5. Can I take advantage of the complimentary Styling Appointments? – Oh yes!!! We love to welcome back ALL our #GlamourBrides to put their dresses on again and choose from our beautiful collection of headpieces, veils, belts etc….

6. Can I use the Signature Pressing or Packing Service? – You certainly can – ALL our #GlamourBrides can access this wonderful service to make sure that their dresses are absolutely pristine for the big day, whether you are getting married in the UK or abroad.

5. Styling Appointments

One of our favourite parts of our buying trips is choosing accessories! This means that every single headpiece, veil comb, hair vine, belt and veil has been hand chosen by us with our beautiful dresses in mind.

We know that choosing your dress can be a huge decision in itself, so don’t worry that you have to choose your accessories on the same day. Our Styling Appointments are a huge hit with our brides and gives them chance to come back into store again, try their dress on and find the perfect accessories to complete their ideal bridal look.

We’ve got lots of different headpieces, combs, vines and veils all at different price points, so don’t worry about ordering off the internet and trying to match them up, our Accessories Packages are perfect for brides working to a budget.

6. Fittings

One of the most important aspects of your dress is making sure that it fits perfectly.

We work with bridal alterations specialists who are experts in working with the delicate fabrics and adornments that make wedding dresses as beautiful as they are.

For brides requiring alterations that provide them with more coverage for cultural reasons, we have lots of experience in adapting dresses and styles to suit this need and our alterations specialists work closely with each bride to achieve the perfect look.

It’s very important to note that WE GUARANTEE every single one of our #GlamourBrides access to a bridal alteration specialist, so we wont give you a list of people we’ve never worked with and let you hope for the best.

Rest assured that we will guide you thru the whole process of your fittings, including planning dates for them to take place with you and making sure that you have everything you need such as the correct bra and an underskirt to make sure the dress has the perfect skirt shape.

7. Pressing Service

As part of our service to all our #GlamourBrides, we offer a Press & Preparation Service to ensure your dress is picture perfect for the big day. This means that we will carefully press every single layer of your beautiful dress, and a veil if you have one of those too.

Pressing a wedding dress can take a considerable amount of time, and so all we ask is that our brides pre-book this service with us so we can plan it in our diary.

We also offer our Pressing Service to brides who have bought their dresses elsewhere, so please talk to us if you would like to book this service.

8. Packing Service

For brides who have chosen a destination wedding, we know just how important it is to get your dress to its destination in perfect condition.

We offer a Specialist Packing Service to ensure that your dress arrives in pristine condition. We’ll carefully place it in your hand luggage case so

a) you’ll know how to re-pack the dress for when you come back home
b) confirm at airport check-in that you’ve packed your bag yourself
c) most importantly, keep it with you whilst you travel with no worries that it is going to go into the hold and will end up on the other side of the world.

We have packed the biggest dresses in our collections for destinations such as Bora Bora, Jamaica, Mauritius, Las Vegas, Florida, Spain, Cyprus, Italy and Greece, so don’t let the fact you are getting married abroad be the deciding factor in what dress you choose. Get the one you REALLY love.

9. The Collection

The big day is nearly here, and all your plans are have come together and its time to pick up your dress!

Your dress will be beautifully pressed, ready and waiting for you to come and collect it on a date and time of your choosing. All you need to do is let us know when you want to come in, so that we can plan the collection in our diary.

We’ll talk you thru exactly how best to hang the dress whether you are going home or to a venue, and to make sure your dress looks its very best for the big day.

All our brides need to do is pull up outside and we’ll bring her to your car and lay her out carefully. Just make sure its a clean and dry and leave enough room in the car for the dress bag as they take up quite a bit of space. You’ve waited your whole life to look amazing in your beautiful dress, so we don’t want any unnecessary creases for our beautiful #GlamourBrides.