As part of our commitment to look after our #GlamourBrides throughout the whole journey, we feel that the alterations to your wedding dress are extremely important, giving your GUARANTEED access to an one of our experienced Bridal Alterations Partners.

We know how important it is for your dress to be altered by experienced professionals, who have a wealth of skill and knowledge working with wedding dresses, their delicate fabrics and intricate adornments. Our advice to brides is to be very wary of stores/outlets that purely sell you a dress with a printed list of alterations companies to contact and that do not offer this service directly. We hear of many horror stories each year of dresses being butchered by inexperienced alterations studios or brides being told that the alterations they originally discussed with the sales person are not possible. At Glamour Bridal we will use our experience to help answer your questions, and if we know your particular requirement can’t be achieved, we will be honest and let you know.

This is a journey that is totally new to you and so its natural that you will have questions relating to what happens when the dress arrives in store, so read on and we’ll explain….

1. Will I definitely need alterations?

The answer is usually yes, as our dresses are not classed as ‘made to measure’ but made to order using our designers size charts. We will always discuss the measurements we have taken with our #GlamourBrides and agree a size with you prior to us giving the designers the green light to begin working on your beautiful dress.

Some of our designers offer a ‘Special Length’ option, which means that they will proportionally alter the overall length of the dress based on your individual measurements. An additional cost applies to this service, so talk to us about this option if you think you may want this option.

There are 1 or 2 VERY LUCKY #GlamourBrides in a year who don’t need a single thing doing to their dress, and are usually blessed with height and have probably opted for a corset back design of dress. They are so few and far between that in 7 years we could probably tell you who they are and what they wore 🙂

2. What kind of alterations will I need?

The most common alterations to dresses are side seams, length/hems, bust darts and shoulder lifts.

This probably sounds like an awful lot of work, but for the Bridal Alteration Specialists, it’s all in a days work. Their years of experience and skill enables them to interpret what the dress needs, to be fitted to your body perfectly, and also listen to your requests for anything in particular you want doing to the dress. Yes, you can have the dress tailored in below your bottom to showcase your booty! 🙂

Some of our #GlamourBrides want straps adding or maybe some additional adornments like belts and trims. We can talk you through exactly what options are open to you during your appointment when choosing a dress and will also give you helpful advice if we feel like the dress needs extra support if you are blessed with an ample bosom. You may love the idea of buttons down the back of your dress, but the style you love has a corset back. Don’t panic, we can make this a reality for you too:)

3. When do the alterations start?

This largely depends on the extent of the work you need doing, the style of the dress and how long before the wedding the dress arrives in store with us.

We also work with #GlamourBrides who don’t have a great deal of time between the dress arriving and the actual wedding day. This isn’t a problem for our Bridal Alterations Specialist partners, who are on hand to make all the necessary adjustments you will need. Our #GlamourBrides need not worry that there won’t be enough time in these circumstances – they will make time!

In peak season, between April and September, the sheer volume of #GlamourBrides we look after means that the more time between the dress coming into us and the wedding date the better. This isn’t because your dress alone takes so long to work on, it is purely to ensure that the alterations specialists have enough time to look after everybody.

4. I need additional coverage for cultural reasons – can you do this?

Based in Bolton and close to Blackburn and Preston, we have lots of brides who come to us from the Muslim community and need bespoke work undertaking on their dresses to add things like sleeves, and coverage for their shoulders and bust area. We have lots of dresses that lend themselves perfectly to having this extra fabric added and spend time at our trade shows choosing dresses specifically for this requirement.

Our experienced Bridal Stylists will talk with you to discuss what kind of dress style you want and what can be done to achieve a perfect mix of your ideal bridal look and be respectful of the coverage you need. We only work with designers who can supply extra fabric, lace appliques and adornments to ensure what you want is possible and the Bridal Alterations Specialists work their magic to bring the overall design to completion.

5. How much will alterations cost?

Each dress is assessed on its own merits, and our Bridal Alterations Specialists are more than happy to provide a no-obligation quotation to help when budgeting for this part of your wedding dress.

The most common alterations needed are length/hem, side seams on the bodice or bust darts and shoulder lifts if your dress has a sabrina neckline or straps. We normally tell our brides to budget between £60 and £150 for a simple seams, hem and shoulder lift. However, this figure can increase depending on how detailed the dress is, i.e lots of beading, intricate lace hems etc. There can also be an additional cost to the usual alterations if a bride has lost a significant amount of weight or been hitting the gym in the time between us taking their measurements and the dress arriving in store.

Additional work such as extra embellishments, straps, bolero jackets, changing a zip and buttons to a corset back or a corset back to zip and buttons are priced on an individual basis.

6. What happens once my dress has been altered?

Once your dress has been altered to your satisfaction and is a perfect fit, we offer all our #GlamourBrides our Signature Press & Prep Service, to ensure that their dress is picture perfect for their big day.

This means that there will be no worry of taking the dress home and the problem of where to keep it or pressing it yourself. Whether a bride has chosen to have their alterations undertaken in store or if you have chosen to take your dress to an external Bridal Alterations Specialist, we can then take the dress back into our safe keeping and will carefully press every single layer. The dress is then hung in one of our fitting suites ready for you to come and collect. We also show our brides how to put the dress into its protective covering and exactly how to hang the dress up at home or in the wedding venue so it stays as crease free as possible in the final hours before the big day.

At the time of booking this service, we will pre-plan the time and date of the bride collecting the dress, to fit in around all the final preparations in the days before the wedding.

7. Packing Service

For brides who have chosen a destination wedding, we know just how important it is to get your dress to its destination in perfect condition.

We offer a Specialist Packing Service to ensure that your dress arrives in pristine condition. We’ll carefully place it in your hand luggage case so

a) you’ll know how to re-pack the dress for when you come back home
b) confirm at airport check-in that you’ve packed your bag yourself
c) most importantly, keep it with you whilst you travel with no worries that it is going to go into the hold and will end up on the other side of the world.

We have packed the biggest dresses in our collections for destinations such as Bora Bora, Jamaica, Mauritius, Las Vegas, Florida, Spain, Cyprus, Italy and Greece, so don’t let the fact you are getting married abroad be the deciding factor in what dress you choose. Get the one you REALLY love.